GABRIELĖ LABANAUSKAITĖ (Lithuania, 1980) is a poet, prose writer, playwright and book critic. GaL Drama (Gabriele Labanauskaite) is a poet, playwright and book critic. She has a master degree from Vilnius University in theory and history of literature and studied at Jyvaskyla University (Finland) and Parma University (Italy). She's currently working on a PhD about the narrative construction of stage plays and teaches history and theory of playwriting at the Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy in Vilnius. She had courses and training in Finland, Greece, Italy, USA and UK.

Gabriele's work has been published in cultural newspapers and literature almanacs since 1992. In 2003 she started writing stage plays, of which The One that Hurts the Most, Circus and Red Laces won awards at the National Lithuanian Plays contest and were represented in Finland, Sweden, UK and Russia.

Departing from the more traditional delivery of poetry, Gabriele uses song and spoken word as a vehicle for her poetry, in conjunction with CD and DVD releases. In 2004 she produced the multimedia CD Apelsinai aikštėj apgriuvusioj (Oranges on a Wretched Square) followed in 2009 by the poetry/music/video collaboration Avaspo (Audiovisual Asp of Poetry) releasing its debut Nėra okeano (There Is No Ocean), Niagara (Niagara), Kraujuojantis Okeanas (Ocean Is Bleeding). All poetic trilogy can be found at

Since 2006 Gabriele organizes the annual festival Tarpfest (In-between Festival), Lithuania's only audiovisual poetry festival. The festival takes place during three days in October in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda.




JULY 2012 ALIASKA (ALASKA). A play is written as a result of Women Playwrights Around Baltic Sea Workshop, held by Adelfa Agency (FI). The readings of Alaska were held at WPIC (Women Playwrights International Conference) Stockholm and Lithuanian festival PiLeFe 2012.

NOVEMBER 2011 RAUDONI BATRAIŠČIAI (RED LACES). Premiere at National Lithuanian Drama Theatre (director Yana Ross) May 2012. Different readings were held at WPIC (Women Playwrights International Conference) Stockholm, theatre festival „Golden Mask“ in Russia and other places.

MAY 2010 

RAKTAŽOLĖ (PRIMROSE) (co-written with AnnaLina Hertzberg). Readings at the Dramalabbet theatre in Stockholm (director AnnaLina Hertzberg).

MARCH 2010

KLIUDŽIAU (HIT) is a libretto for an audiovisual opera performance. Premiered during the New Opera Action festival in Vilnius (composer Rūta Vitkauskaitė).


KITOJE VEIDRODŽIO PUSĖJE (ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MIRROR). Premiere at the Dramallabet theatre and in December 2009 at the Arts‘ Printing House in Vilnius (director AnnaLina Hertzberg).

APRIL 2009 

LIBRETTO FOR AN OPERA SKYLĖ (THE HOLE). Premiere during the New Opera Action festival in Vilnius (composer Rūta Vitkauskaitė).

MARCH 2008 

CIRCUS Premiere at the Ylioppilas Teatteri Theatre in Joensuu, Finland (director Reeta Tuoresmakki).

MAY 2008 

DIEVAS NEREGIMAS/DRAUDŽIAMA PRIE JO PRIARTĖTI (GOD IS INVISIBLE/IT IS FORBIDDEN TO COME CLOSER) written for the dance performance The Moon Doesn‘t Pay Attention to Barking Dogs. Premiered at the Baltic Dance Festival in Vilnius (director Aira Naginevičiūtė).

MAY 2007

P*S (IN-FUCKED) Readings at the Kaunas National Theatre, Lithuania (director Balys Latėnas) and in September 2007 at the Pori Theare Festival Lainsuojattomat VIII in Finland (director Reeta Tuoresmakki).


ŽVAIGŽDŽIŲ KRUŠA (SHOOTING STARS) Co-written with Gintaras Varnas. Premiered at the Kaunas National Theatre, Lithuania (director Gintaras Varnas).

AUGUST 2006 

KODĖL PLAUKIA DEBESYS (WHY DO CLOUDS FLOW). Readings in Russian at the international playwrights workshop Jam session metu (director Vladimir Shcherban).


SKAUDŽIAUSIA (THE ONE THAT HURTS THE MOST). Readings at the Arts Printing House in Vilnius (director Benas Šarka), in August 2006 in Russian at the international playwrights workshop Jam session metu (Vladimir Shcherban) and at the Southwark Playhouse Theatre in London in January 2008 (director Svetlana Dimcovich).



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